Sunday, July 15, 2012

Renovation Status Week 10

Our new front door. 

If we're going to have a drought, I'm glad it's when we're renovating our house. 

Hardie plank siding will cover the new addition, and plaster will cover the space below the new small windows on each side of the house.

View of the new room on the southeast corner of the house.

The red room void of the large armoire.That was not fun to remove.
 The mud room is through the second opening.

Steve will be finishing up with the framing and tweaks on the first and second floors early this coming week, and the insulators and sheetrockers will be doing their thing at the end of the week.  This past week the electrician was busy pulling wires and installing switch boxes and cans for lights. Steve finished the closet in Nini's room (it had to be relocated to the exterior wall to make it functional).  Her room is still a nice size.  I don't have any new pictures of the upstairs, though.  Terri bought a vanity, and Steve will pick it up when he's ready to install it.  He put in the front door, and the entryway looks more like a home.  All of the windows have been installed except for the main window in the master bedroom, which they'll use to boom in the sheetrock.  We've decided to go with Hardie plank siding on the new addition and the entryway, with Hardie trim going around the windows.  By the end of the week the house should be free of tools and supplies, which means it'll be time for us to jump in pretty soon.  It's all so freakin' exciting and fun! 

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