Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Yard

Between torrential rains and searing heat it's a wonder we have anything growing in the yard. The daylilies bloomed quickly, then started dropping flowers. How disappointing. Our false blue indigo (from our friend Faith) is doing quite well but needs to be split at the end of the year. Tobacco plants keep cropping up everywhere around the yard. This one should do quite well. An obedient plant, also from Faith, has taken off and will need some discipline very soon. Finally, the swing set from Gram and Pappa that Uncle Greg helped put together is still holding up. It needs some help in a few places, though.

Random Pictures of Nini

Corn on the cob and baseball. Life is good!

Attack of the Giant Cicadas

Kaz was at camp this summer when he was attacked by a giant kid-eating cicada. He managed to let out a tremendous yell that frightened the big pest, and it flew away. Imagine that, a cicada scared by a loud noise.

Nini Goofing Around with Max and Zach

Nini with Puppy from Aunt Kay and Uncle David

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Short Visit from Our Friend Josiah

Josiah was in town for a conference and came over to spend a little time with his St. Louis family. Nini took to him like a duck to water. She even let him put on the mocassins he made for her (the first time she had them on). Thanks for the time Josiah.