Thursday, July 26, 2012

Concrete, Jackhammer, and More Concrete

Basement pad before the addition of concrete.

Basement pad filled in with concrete.
Exterior view of the back of the house.  The corner of the house to the right is the one that needed a new concrete pier for the post.

Ready for conrete.

Concrete pad and pier.
Today was a bit tough.  Ken mixed 12 bags of concrete to fill the third hole in the basement (see photo), while I jackhammered out the concrete post on the southwest corner of the house.  I then dug a 32-inch deep hole for concrete so we could reset the corner post, which had slipped off center.  Ken mixed the concrete for the hole, and I helped guide the concrete into the hole.  We'll set the basement post and corner pier on Monday.  Aaron spent the entire day wiring the first floor, and he returns tomorrow to finish up.  Steve worked on the front steps and will be finished tomorrow.  Sheetrock comes on Monday, along with the brothers from Moscow Mills who'll hang the sheetrock.  It's all coming together. 

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