Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flooring is Down

View from the hallway into the former red room and the new room on the southern end of the old porch.

New flooring stitched into the existing kitchen floor.

Another view of the former red room (now the guest room/piano room) and part of the new room on the old porch.
Mike finished installing the flooring yesterday, now I need to cover it with cardboard to protect it until he can sand and seal it in a few weeks.  Ken will install doors and finish trim on the second floor this week and put in the bathroom vanity and counter and medicine cabinet.  After that he'll move down to the first floor where he'll install most of the baseboard and the chair rail.  We need to paint the kitchen today and tomorrow, then start painting the yellow pine trim.  We'll get the plumber and electrician in the following week to finish up, then carpet gets installed the week after that.  We are so close.

Apple Pie

Max helped me bake this pie made from apples from Grandma and Grandpa's apple tree.  It tasted wonderful.